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Safe, comfortable and fun.

escursioni in catamarano Arcipelago La Maddalena

The Catamaran is one of the most used boat in the Archipelagos all over the world. The advantages of this type of boat are many:

–  The draft. On this type of boat the keel is very low this allow the catamaran to arrive where other boats can not arrive. For example the Natural Pools of Budelli where You need a very low draft to enter.

-The comfort. The catamaran is the most spacius and relaxing boat that you can find. It is very large and flat so It is very easy to walk and move on it. Thank to Its width It move less then other boats making the navigation more easy.

– Shadows spot. On the catamaran you have enough shade places for everyone on the boat. This features is not easy to find on a normal sailing boat.

– Sailing. On the catamaran You can turn off the engine and and You can sail just with the power of the wind feeling the sound of the sea. This type of boat can sail with every kind of wind from very light to very strong. During the excursion you will sail 100%.

The catamaran has three cabins, a big saloon, a kitchen , and a toilet.
This boat has been produced in Australia strong enough to sail in the ocean. It is the perfect boat for any occasion. It is safe, fun and comfortable.
Alessio (the skipper) has worked for many years as a sailor/captain on many different type of boats and He can recommend You that the best boat to do a Sailing tour to La Maddalena Islands is the Catamaran.

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